Guyoga presents a yoga workout system for men and women who don’t relate to the typical yoga lifestyle – complete with modifications for beginners who can’t touch their toes. No painful postures. No hymns, chants, or gongs. This is yoga for physical fitness. This is yoga the Body By Yoga way.

Boost your athletic performance, relieve sore muscles, reduce lower back pain, and get into great shape with four, jam packed 25 minute sections:

yoga_for_men_videoFour workouts inside:

Workout 1 – Sharpen: This beginners yoga workout focuses on the fundamentals. Slow moving, energizing, and filled with modifications. This full body introduction to yoga is designed to improve your flexibility, your strength, and your control over your body.

Workout 2 – Strength: We’ll show you how anyone can use yoga to build strength in a safe, low impact way, even if they are not very flexible. Whether you are a beginner to fitness, or an athlete looking to improve their performance, this is the workout for you.

Workout 3 – Sweat: A power yoga class for beginners, this faster moving yoga workout draws on dynamic movements to get your muscles burning. This is the type of session you’re most likely to see in your local gym or studio!

Workout 4 – Stretch: Release tension, boost your recovery, and get rid of those sore muscles with this restorative workout. Use it as your cool down after the other workouts, or use it to unwind and de-stress after a long day.

If you have ever been curious about yoga, then here’s your chance to learn how you can use yoga to accelerate your fitness goals in a no judgment way, designed specifically for men, for beginners, and for the inflexible.

How is Yoga Boost – Yoga For Men And Women Who Don’t Normally Do Yoga different from other types of yoga?

Our unique take on yoga is designed for those of us can’t twist themselves into a pretzel. It’s for those of us who have tight muscles and who need modifications they probably wouldn’t get in a group class.

It’s yoga fitness for the rest of us.

It’s for those of us who don’t relate to the typical yoga lifestyle.

For those of us that want a great workout without words and phrases like melting heart, and be one with the universe.

It’s for those of us who have been curious about yoga, but might be hesitant to try it out in a local class.

And that just happens to sum up a lot of men. But yoga is for everyone. It’s the perfect low impact workout. Ideal for anyone new to fitness. And indispensable for anyone who’s working out on the regular.

Though we loaded Yoga Boost with modifications for men, what that really means, is that we loaded it with modifications for anyone who has tight shoulders, tight hamstrings, and for those who may not be able to touch their toes.

Whether you are inflexible because you’re just getting back into shape, or because your muscles are tight from hitting the gym, you’ll find that with our modifications, absolutely anyone can do yoga in a safe, supportive, and low impact way.

When you purchase Yoga Boost, our complete beginner’s yoga for men and women system, you also get the following free bonuses:

Yoga Start – A specialized workout for beginners to help prepare you for the Guyoga: Beginner’s Yoga for Men workouts. This is currently the number two yoga for beginners workout on Amazon and it is free with your purchase.

Custom Music – Access all 4 workouts with no background music (so you can jam to whatever you want while you workout).

10-Minute Yoga Abs – A killer routine from our upcoming Power Yoga DVD

How do you access the workouts?

Yoga Boost is available as on DVD or you can download on Amazon Video. Stream through your computer, laptop, smart TV, Roku, and more, or download on to your mobile device or tablet (Android, iOS, and Fire) through Amazon Video. Guyoga Boost is also available on Udemy for international customers and on

How much does it cost?

Guyoga Boost is jam packed with four complete yoga workouts. We recommend you purchase the entire series to maximize your fitness goals but you can also buy each workout separately on Amazon. Guyoga retails for $24.99, but you can get it for 25% off for a limited time on Amazon.

beginners yoga dvd

International customers, click here to access Guyoga Boost on and purchase directly from chief yoga best and brogi, Dean Pohlman 

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