Why Diets Don’t Work

We’re not quite sure how we’ve managed to get Elizabeth Benton of primalpotential.com to share this free book with us, but we’re not asking any questions. We’re just thankful that she’s willing to share this amazing resource with our audience.

This free book is a guide to long-term, sustainable weight-loss.

If you are practicing yoga as part of an overall plan to lose weight, the free advice in this book could be indispensable for your fitness journey. Inside, you’ll find must-know topics such as:

  • Counting calories versus carbs
  • The drawbacks to high-impact cardio
  • Long-term, sustainable nutrition advice
  • The low-down on why some fruits are bad for you
  • Common morning meals that can derail your diet
  • Simple dieting strategies
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P.S. Don’t me put off by the name. You’ll discover why stress relieving workouts (ahem!) contribute to weight loss, how certain high-impact exercises can raise your cortisol levels and therefore reduce weight loss, and how carbs play a part in your insulin levels, which affects your appetite!
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The Yoga Boost Success Guide

We hope the Yoga Boost Success Guide helps you succeed with Yoga Boost. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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Producer Spotlight – How I lost 20 Pounds With Yoga And Got My Life Back On Track.

My name is Paul, and I’m a producer and marketing manager at Body By Yoga. I’ve been working with Dean to produce our Body By Yoga DVD series. I like to think of myself as Dean’s friend, partner, and most importantly…his guinea pig.

I met Dean a few years ago, and as a result of our project, I’ve been doing yoga about 3 times per week ever since.

In attempting to create the best instructional yoga DVD series ever made, we knew that we would have to test, tweak, and perfect our workouts to truly fulfill our vision. Armed with Dean’s experience and professionalism with my almost annoying perfectionism, we created beta group after beta group to fine-tune our program.

Before taking our workouts to beta groups though, we first tested them on the resident guinea pig. Me.

I was a good tester. I was always the skinny kid but I started to put on weight in my twenties, and before I knew it, I was shopping larger and larger clothing sizes.

Work was tough. I was getting older. I had more responsibilities with less time. And I was in a difficult relationship.

Now I was sporting a “beer belly,” which my friends affectionately referred to as the “Dad Bod,” and though I was out of shape, I really wanted to get fit.

Enter Dean.

I had been doing yoga on and off with Dean to fine-tune our program for about a year, but I didn’t take it seriously until he rolled out his first challenge for Guyoga (also known as Yoga Boost).

At first, doing yoga was mostly about the work.

We were in post-production for Yoga Body Max, which is our more challenging yoga program. I had to keep up with our editor’s progress anyway, so I decided to take the plunge and join hundreds of other folks as we committed to doing yoga 5 days per week.

Soon after though, yoga became a habit. Then a necessity. And now, it’s something I feel really guilty about it if I miss a day.

Here is how it helped me personally:

Yoga has helped me establish a morning ritual.

I’ve never been a morning person. Day after day, I would set myself up for failure by swearing to myself that I would go on a long jog in the morning. But each morning, the thought of embarking on a long, torturous run when my body hadn’t even woken up yet, was enough for me to hit the snooze button, and break my own promise. Not only was it an unhealthy cyclical routine, but it hurt my confidence for the rest of the day…

How did Yoga change that? I read Dean’s blog post about morning rituals, and decided to follow it to a tee. I wake up. Make a coffee. I drink a whole glass of water while collecting my thoughts outside. And then I do yoga.

The thought of doing yoga didn’t seem as grueling to me. Exercises like chair pose and downward dog actually seemed to wake me up and get me warmed up for more challenging poses, and most importantly, it left me energized for the rest of the day!

Yoga helped my self-confidence.

I feel differently on the days when I compete a yoga session in the morning. My chest is stronger. My posture is better. My abs feel tighter. In the beginning, I would feel so good after just one session that I would even step on the scale afterward.

What kept me going was how differently I felt on the days when I skipped a workout. My stomach would bulge out more than usual. My shirts felt more constraining. I felt guilty.

Now you’d think that would be enough to motivate me to workout everyday, but I was sporting a “dad-bod,” for a reason! For me, it took the message boards on Guyoga to truly hold me accountable. I would get notifications every time someone posted on the Facebook Wall, and I saw countless posts from folks who were equally as tired, stressed, or even sick, who still completed their Guyoga workout of the day. There was no way I could miss a day when so many other people were doing it, so I found myself (sometimes begrudgingly) completing a yoga session in the evenings if I did miss one in the mornings.

Yoga was my gateway to getting back into shape.

One of the reasons that yoga was so attractive to me is because I’ve been sporting a low-back injury from a motorcycle accident a few years back.

I had always lifted weights to stay in shape. But these days, lifting weights would either aggravate my pain low-back pain, or would leave me so sore afterwards, as to prevent me from doing any other workouts for days.

Yoga helped me in two ways.
1 – Completing yoga workouts with Dean 5 days per week for two months helped protect my low back, which allowed me to start slowly lifting weights again by stretching out tight leg and hip muscles. It also strengthened my core since I was able to work my abs without doing sit-ups and other traditional exercises that would strain my low back.

2 – I started using the Yoga Body workouts in between days at the gym, when I would be out sore for a few days. I found that I could get an incredibly effective workout from yoga at home, and on top of that, I also started feeling energized enough after yoga to even go on a run.

My results

I clocked in at 247 on the scale when I first started doing the Guyoga Challenge (and probably even more when I first started as Dean’s guinea pig). After just two and a half months of doing Yoga Body 5 days per week, I dropped down to 221 – though I am currently at 226!

Here’s what I found from doing Yoga Body almost every day.

The Yoga Body workouts were very hard. It was almost embarrassing to struggle so hard while recalling how Dean didn’t even break a sweat while shooting them on set! In fact, I could barely finish them.

That’s when Dean and I decided to create 3 different variations for the workouts in Yoga Body.

We didn’t want them to be discouraging, and we wanted them to be accessible to people like me, who might not be humble enough to call themselves a beginner, but who could benefit from a logical progression, starting with a Level 1, and then moving on to Level 2, and then Level 3.

And that’s what we did.

Yoga Body now has 3 different levels so that no matter where you are in your own fitness journey, you too can experience all of the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Everyone from weight lifters, to runners, to those recovering from an injury, and even us overweight beginners, can get life changing value from this program.

What’s your story?

I wasn’t too thrilled when Dean asked me to share my weightloss story on his blog, but I am glad I did (since now I have to stick to it!).

My clothes fit better. I’m seeing real progress in all of my poses I do. And I’ve even started dating again.

What’s your story? Send us an email or leave it in the comments! I cannot wait to read them.

Why We Do Not Use Hindu Sanskrit In Our Classes


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Welcome Message To Body By Yoga Customers


Thank you for your purchase and your support of the Body by Yoga workout videos. We are honored that you are open to learning how you can improve your physical fitness through yoga with us. The workouts in these videos were the result of years of critical thought, input from experienced yoga instructors from around the country, and many beta testers, people just like you, who were interested in the benefits that a fitness-centric style of yoga could provide and were just looking for the right guy to teach them.

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Yoga Tips For Beginners


Read these before you do yoga for the first time. We’re watching you. And we’ll know if you didn’t.

1. It’s going to feel weird.

If you’ve never done yoga before, many of the postures are going to feel weird, because it involves movements that your body is not used to. Fear not, however. The soreness you feel the day after your body experiences some weirdness is your body adapting to new movements and becoming stronger.

2. Breath Through Your Nose

Yoga helps train your mind to stay cool, calm, and collected. Especially under duress. It does that by teaching you to breath through your nose in slow, controlled breaths. To breath correctly, avoid breathing with your mouth. Instead, link your movements with your breath by inhaling and exhaling long, slow, breaths during each movement. Breathing controls the natural rise and fall of your body. Inhaling lifts your body, while exhaling lengthens and releases your body. Breathing also controls how you let stress affect you, the rate of your heartbeat, and many more physical and mental processes your body completes on a repeated daily basis. Focus on your breath, and the control of your body will follow.

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Behind The Scenes – Finding A Yoga Mat That Works


What’s the most amount of yoga you have ever done in a day?

For Dean, it was about 12 hours when we put together the first batch of Body By Yoga workout videos. We already knew he was a yoga beast. But even we were surprised when he still had the energy to help the crew put away weights and barbells at the end of the shoot.

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You Have Been Doing Yoga And Didn’t Even Know It


Wondering why the heck anyone would ever do yoga.

Think yoga is for vegans and for Enya lovers? You’re probably right.

But it’s also for anyone who wants to boost their fitness results.

So before you go knocking on this ancient workout (hey if ancient warriors did it, then maybe you should too), check out this list of ways you’re probably already doing it anyway.

1. Parallel Parking. Also known as a seated twist pose or half lord of the fishes for you new age types. Improves your digestion. Stretches our your back. And works your obliques. Stop hitting that bumper behind you and do some yoga.

yoga twist reverse parking

(image source)
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What the heck is Yoga?


Your crazy aunt has been doing yoga for some time now, but now so is Lebron James.  Your gym partner, your neighbor, and that cute receptionist you’ve had your eye on have all been telling you how awesome yoga is. And now, you just found out that your mom is doing it too.

So what the heck is yoga? And why is everyone doing it?

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Complete Beginners Guide To The Practice Of Yoga – What Are The Eight Limbs Of Yoga

Yoga has a system of steps that turns everyday schleps into badass yogis that can understand the universe.

There are 8 basic steps. Yogis call them the eight limbs.

Physical postures and exercises are one of those steps. Actually, they’re the third step, but more on that below.

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