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Yoga Shorts For The Rest Of Us

Limited Time 15% Off

They stretch. They keep you cool. And they’re just the right amount of loose.

These are the shorts we use everyday and the same shorts you’ve seen in many of our videos.

Use coupon code BBY15 at checkout to get 15% off.

Get yours now.

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Yoga Mats Built Fot Sweat

Durable. Rugged.
Slip Proof.

You’ve seen them in all of our videos. Introducing yoga mats built for strength, endurance, and sweat.

Unlike traditional yoga mats, they’re made with a durable, non-slip surface that allows you to go deeper into your workouts while minimizing your chance of injury. If you sweat a lot during your workouts, then this is the yoga mat for you. And with just the right amount of cushioning for larger bodies, these yoga mats carry the Body By Yoga seal of approval.

Our customers get 10% off. Check out the mats using the link below. If you decide to get it, use coupon code BODYBYYOGA at checkout to save 10% on the best yoga mats we could find.

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Comfortable. Cool. Crisp.

Breathing new life into the basic tee.

If you’ve done any of our yoga workouts, then you know that you’re going to sweat. Stay cool with this rugged tee shirt, made to accompany you on your new active lifestyle. We chose this shirt for our videos because of it’s great fit. Not too tight, and not too loose. It’s a must have.

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Yoga Starter Kit

We use blocks, straps, and even a chair in our videos, in order to bring the ground up to you and provide you with modifications that make yoga more accessible to beginners. We like these yoga blocks because they’re a bit larger than normal, which provides you with an extra boost if you’re not very flexible. As a bonus, this set comes with yoga straps too. For those who do not want to make the investment, you can also use textbooks and a towel/belt instead. Otherwise, this is a great deal.

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