Different Types Of Yoga – How To Find The Best Yoga Classes To Match Your Goals

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How To Use Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is the perfect low impact exercise for beginners. Whether you’re dusting off the old treadmill, getting back into weight lifting, or starting a fitness program anew, supplementing your new exercise regime with yoga is a no brainer.

Here’s how.

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History Of Yoga

Tracing the history of yoga is like tracing the history of the olympic games. Do you just go into the history of the modern games, or do you dive into the ancient olympic games first? And if so, do you chat about all of the mythology that comes with the original? That’s the thing about yoga.

There’s a big difference between the modern yoga we practice today, and the stuff they were doing a few thousand years ago. In fact, they’re practically unrecognizable.

While yoga goes back 5,000 years, it has been evolving ever since and the modern yoga we practice in the West is COMPLETELY different from the type of yoga that was practiced 5,000 years ago.

In fact, many of the yoga exercises that represent yoga the most, (like the downward dog, sun salutations, and the warrior poses) have not been found in any of the old texts.

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Five Basic Yoga Poses that Will Challenge Men (and what to do about it)

Guest Article By Ronni Mott

We all have gifts and challenges. Regardless of gender, all yogis fall on a spectrum that runs from very strong to super flexible. Men are naturally stronger, in general, and woman tend to be more flexible. For many athletic men, the challenge in yoga is learning to use your body in ways that years of pushups, curls, squats and wind sprints have not prepared you. In fact, all that work you did into muscling your shoulders, thighs and ripping your abs is pretty much the opposite of what’s effective in a yoga class, yet learning a different way to use your body can improve the efficiency of what you’re already doing.
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Two Ways Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

I understand why you might be skeptical about the idea that practicing yoga can help you lose weight. Afterall, your average hour of gentle yoga only burns 150 calories compared to an hour of aerobic activity which burns 311 calories per hour.

Here’s the thing, calories burned during exercise is not the only factor that contributes to dropping weight. It turns out, there are two not-so-traditional ways gentle yoga can help you shed weight: mindfulness and stress reduction.

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DVDs Coming Soon!

Check out this little teaser for our upcoming DVDs. It’s a little dramatic but what can we say? We’re like REALLY excited to release them!

Can’t wait for the DVDs? Want them sooner? Get out videos before everyone else by joining our beta program. Find out how here!

Can you drink and do yoga?

Can you do yoga if you drink? And no, we’re not talking about doing the two at the same time! We’re talking drinking. And meat eating. And doing things that yogis traditionally sort of frown on…

The ancient gurus would have probably frowned on drinking. Then again, they led simple, monastic lives and would have probably frowned on yoga pants, youtube videos, and pizza too. And we’re not giving any of those up. Especially youtube videos. And especially this one. So go ahead and enjoy this video. Then read our thoughts on yoga and drinking below.

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yoga trends

5 Ridiculous Yoga Trends Or The Next Big Thing?

Yoga has been evolving for thousands of years. Those awesome physical exercises that we use in your videos, those have only been around for a few hundred years. It’s hard to imagine Buddha doing a downward dog or a warrior pose. Actually, it’s hard to imagine Buddha doing anything other than a buddha pose.

That’s why when it comes to breaking down these seemingly ridiculous yoga trends, we’re going to put away our judgy face (we’re yogis after all), and we’ll put it to you instead: what do you think of these new yoga trends? Which one is the next big thing?

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Anyone Can Do Yoga

Untitled design2
Read more about the journey behind the photograph here!

New cover designs in progress

Here’s a sneak peak at the latest DVD covers for our Total Body Power Yoga DVD and our Guyoga – Yoga For Men DVD.

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